Insurance for Breeding Dogs

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Insurance for Breeding DogsSome dog insurance companies will give you a discount if your dog is spayed or neutered. But what if you want to breed your beloved pooch – can you still get coverage? The answer is yes, but there are special plans in place for breeding dogs. There are increased risk factors associated with breeding pets, so finding a policy that covers your dog may take a bit of work.

Dogs that are not spayed or neutered are more prone to develop certain health conditions, such as testicular cancer, prostate disease, mammary gland tumors, ovarian cancer, pregnancy complications, caesarean section births and injuries resulting from animal aggression. As well, some breeds, such as Bulldogs must have automatic caesarean section births. When you choose a dog insurance company that covers breeding dogs, you will get reimbursed for these issues, as long as they aren’t a pre-existing condition.

Most dog insurance companies won’t cover expenses related to a pregnancies that aren’t considered necessary. Just a few of these include routine prenatal examinations, pre-breeding tests, artificial insemination and fertility treatment. As well, even though some breeding dog insurance policies cover unexpected caesarean births, it may not cover planned caesarean surgeries.

Even if you don’t plan to breed your dog, but want to keep them the way nature intended, you can still be covered under a dog insurance breeding policy. Because your dog has all its bits and pieces, it is still susceptible to all of the conditions that can plague a non-neutered or spayed pet.

If you’re looking into this kind of coverage for your dog, be sure to check if the plan covers complications from pregnancy and whelping. Expect the premiums for this type of dog insurance to be more than the regular policies offered. And, as always, read the fine print to ensure that your dog and its puppies will enjoy a healthy life.