Factors That Affect Dog Insurance Premiums

A number of factors can raise or lower your premiums Read More

Factors That Affect Dog Insurance PremiumsThere are a variety of factors that can affect how much you’ll be paying for dog insurance coverage. These can raise or lower your premiums, so check to see if the following conditions apply to your dog before settling on a policy.

  • Is your dog neutered or spayed? If not, this increases your dog’s chances of suffering from a slew of conditions, including testicular cancer, prostate disease, mammary gland tumors, ovarian cancer, pregnancy complications, caesarean section births and injuries resulting from animal aggression.
  • Your dog’s age. Getting your puppy signed up will lower your monthly costs while giving you greater coverage. The longer you wait, the more you’ll pay. Senior dogs have more health related illnesses, so the premium will reflect that. As well, some dog insurance companies have a cap on age, which means they won’t accept new dogs over a certain age for a new policy.
  • Is your dog a pure breed? Pure bred dogs often come with their own set of predisposed health conditions. Hip dysplasia, heart conditions, retinal problems and skin diseases are common with certain breeds, and this can affect your premiums. In some cases, dog insurance companies won’t enroll certain pure bred dog breeds after a certain age.
  • Does your dog live indoors or outdoors? There are dangers lurking inside and outside of the home, but if you have an outside dog, chances are your premiums will be higher. This is because your dog is subjected to the elements and has a greater chance of escaping and getting into an accident or a fight with another dog.
  • How active is your dog? Don’t be surprised if a dog insurance provider asks how much activity your dog receives. Some dogs prefer to sit on the couch all day while others never seem to slow down. An inactive dog is prone to all the problems associated with obesity, while over-active dogs can injure a bone or muscle, or get into scrapes that become infected.
  • Is your dog microchipped? A collar and tags are good, but microchipping your dog is better. Some dog insurance companies will factor this into your premium, while others will have it done for you.

Just like any kind of insurance, there are factors that will determine the final outcome of your premium. Dog insurance policies differ, depending on where you live and what company you choose to go with, so make sure you have all your facts straight before making a final decision.